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Dynastie completed Portrait of Fiber...

I started this on August 12 and completed August 29.

This Portrait of Fiber was made for my close friend Sheila.

It's for Christmas and she'll be receiving it early. It will be framed.

Dynasty's the only grandchild and I thought this would be a great gift...they grew up so fast.

I did not have time to do progress photos, so I added here. This one went much quicker.

I have a lot more photos to do, so I'm off to crochet.

Here's the site for Crochet by Numbers: http://www.crochetbynumbers.com/index.html

I'll try to do progress photos for the next one.

Big hugs and lots of love, Angela


Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

Absolutely stunning work! Really, really great!

Angela's Crocheting Corner said...

Thank you

moemoe said...

that is so awesome how do you plan that out

Angela's Crocheting Corner said...

Look here crochetbynumbers. He has instructions on how to make them. Angela

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