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A frogged Beagle

My Beagle is frogged.
Oh, I had to frog my Beagle.

My needle came out above the nose and I could not get back on track.
(words that cannot be shared was spoken out loud)
To top it off -
my daughter was trying to take it out the grips of my grandson hands and a few more rows was lost.

I could not remember the row and did not mark it.

Will be making a new one later without the grandson (LOL)...



cici said...

ah.. I guess that one was like a practice piece.. Next one will be even better!

Angela's Crocheting Corner said...

Thanks Cici.

Zuleika said...

Oh no!! Yup, definitely knit it without the grandson. lol

Angela's Crocheting Corner said...

I know now. He's having fun with the leftover yarn bucket, so now I can knit without his help. LOL

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